Summer Season

Summer Season

Discover your new experience in great nature.

Hakuba Tsugaike Activities Infomation

Hakuba Tsugaike Activities Infomation

Hakuba Tsugaike Activities Infomation

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Bicycling in Nature of Hakuba

Bicycling in Nature of Hakuba

Interested in bicycling? No matter what your bicycling level is, you can choose the best course for your level. There are plenty of courses in Hakuba, and they will bring you a memorable experience.

[Bicycling Course Example]
・Historical Course with Quiet Rural Views ・Scenic Course Commands the Views of Lakes and Highlands
[Hill-climbing Course Example]
・Tsugaike Nature Park Course
(The official course of Tsugaike Cycling Classic)
・Otari Onsen Course

Otari Village Tourism Association Bicycling Course Pamphlet
Pamphlet PDF

Tsugaike Nature Park

Tsugaike Nature Park

Tsugaike Nature Park is one of the famous highland marsh areas in Japan, that has an elevation of 1,900 meters. The spring is coming in June at last, and the highland flowers in marshes rush to bloom and give dramatic views during the summer season.
Autumn is also the best season for enjoying trekking here. The leaves and grasses turn yellow, orange, red and they decorate the mountains.
There are a lot of events all year round, such as "Mizubasho Festival" in June and "Autumn Leaves Festival" in Autumn.

Tsugaike Nature Park Round-trekking Course

Various alpine flowers and the grand view of Hakuba will welcome you kindly.
It takes about 3 and a half hours to walk around the nature park.

Tsugaike Nature Park Round-trekking Course

Tsugaike Panorama Way (Gondola & Ropeway)

Fees Adult: Round-trip JPY3,000 One Way JPY1,720
Child: Round-trip JPY1,500 One Way JPY850
(10% discount is given to a group including over 15 people)
Opening Hours From Tsugaike Kogen Sta. 8:00 a.m.-4:20 p.m.
From Nature Park Sta. 8:30 a.m.-4:40 p.m.
Time Required One Way: Approx. 40 min.
(Gondola 20 min. + Walk 200m + Ropeway 7 min. + Walk 700m)

The operation hours will change in the peak season. Please ask for the details.
Contact / TEL. +81 261-83-2255

Kamaike Pond

Mt. Amakazari-yama

Mt. Amakazari-yama is one of the famous mountains in Japan, which has an elevation of 1,963 meters, standing on the border between Nagano and Niigata Prefecture. This mountain trail gives you various joys of mountaineering and shows you the beauty of nature. Be sure to make preparations fully, after that, just feel the grandeur.

Kamaike Pond Round-trip Course

You can walk aroud the ponds and lakes. In Fall, they make an amazing view, reflecting red and yellow autumn leaves.

Kamaike Pond and Beech Trekking Course

A petit trekking course to Kamaike Pond. The beech trees give a quiet and refreshing atmosphere.

Shio no Michi Highway

An old highway from Sea of Japan to Shinshu, Shio no Michi played an important role in people's lives and distribution for a long time. It still tells us the way of living at that time.
The road from Tsugaike Kogen to JR Minami Otari Sta. through Sengoku is called "Sengoku Course", giving the flavor of that time. There are also other courses that have a long history, such as "Tenjindo Course" that starts from JR Hiraiwa Sta. and "Jizo-toge Course" that is a pass over the mountain with beautiful views of Northern Alps and Himekawa River. "Oami-toge Course" is a course with many ups and downs but rich variety, leading to Niigata Pref.

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